Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (2023)

In the dystopian world of Arknights, the role of frontline defenders in Rhodes Island is fulfilled by Vanguard Operators. These operators possess diverse abilities and play a pivotal part in determining the outcomes of battles. Due to their relatively low DP cost, Vanguards are often among the first units to be deployed, generating additional DP to facilitate the deployment of the rest of the squad. Equipped with decent and well-rounded stats, Vanguards excel at handling the initial waves of enemies in various operations.

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Within the Vanguard class, operators exhibit distinct skills and talents that greatly contribute to the success of their teams. From the defensive prowess of the Pioneers to the swift DP generation capabilities of the Standard Bearers, each Vanguard Operator brings a unique set of abilities to the battlefield. Their combined efforts ensure the effective defense and progress of the team, shaping the outcome of crucial battles.

10 Saga

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (1)

A Pioneer Vanguard, Saga has more HP and DEF than most in her class. Her second talent provides her with 70% physical evasion and HP regeneration for 15 seconds when her HP falls below 40%. This makes her more effective against dangerous boss-type enemies. Her third skill transforms her into an AoE Guard. It increases her block number, and attack range, but lowers her attack speed (ATK SPD). While her ATK SPD is around 0.3 seconds slower than actual AoE Guards, she receives a 150% Attack (ATK) boost and gains 20 DP during the skill's 20-second duration.

However what makes her unique is her first talent, which introduces the Crippled status effect. This effect reduces enemies' HP to 1, makes them unblockable, and causes their movement speed to decrease. After 10 seconds, the Crippled enemies will die on their own. Additionally, when any operator kills these Crippled enemies, Saga immediately grants them 2 SP. Saga's second skill allows her to strike up to 6 enemies, granting 4 DP in the process. This skill can kill Crippled enemies, which replenishes Saga's SP and enables her to deal more damage and generate more DP.

9 Bagpipe

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (2)
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Bagpipe is a 6-star Charger Vanguard that gets DP-on-Kill. With her impressive burst damage and multiple attacks, she can take down enemies like a breeze, easily maximizing DP generation. Furthermore, her second talent provides allied Vanguards with extra initial SP when they join the battle. This means Bagpipe empowers Utility Vanguards to rapidly accumulate a substantial amount of DP.

She shines on stages where enemies continuously pour in, allowing her to ruthlessly slaughter her way to abundant DP. Additionally, she can also be deployed like an Executor Specialist, swiftly taking out specific targets before retreating, thanks to the DP refund on retreat for other Vanguards. She's also a valuable "decoy" unit, absorbing formidable blows or enemy special abilities, only to retreat unscathed.

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (3)

As one of the Pioneer Vanguards, Flametail brings a unique kit centered around dodge, enhancing her survivability and granting evasion to nearby allies. Her talent enables her to deliver a double-hit attack to multiple enemies after evading. When deployed, Flametail grants physical evasion to all Kazimierz Operators, including herself.

Flametail's first skill is DP-generating and deals physical damage, stunning enemies while also granting physical dodge chances to allied operators within its range. While her second skill generates DP, Increases ATK SPD, and increases both ATK and block count. This makes her great at holding the front lines.

7 Saileach

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (4)

Saileach, a powerful Standard Bearer Vanguard, has been successfully utilized in endgame content. She offers a unique blend of offensive and defensive support abilities. Her talent boosts the ATKSPD of nearby operators while debuffing enemies. Additionally, she can adjust the position of her banner to change the area of effect, enhancing the versatility of her buffs.

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One of Saileach's skills is focused on healing and bolstering the DEF of the Operator with the lowest HP percentage. This skill not only provides significant healing but also generates 20 DP over its duration. It can be seen as an upgraded version of Myrtle's Healing Wings. Saileach's second skill involves throwing her Ensign at a grounded enemy, resulting in damage and a 3.5-second stun. It also slows the movement speed of nearby enemies and amplifies damage taken from all sources within a specific radius. While this skill generates 10 DP, it also offers role compression, allowing players to save Operator slots in challenging high-end content.


6 Elysium

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (5)

A 5-star Utility Vanguard, Elysium does not only excel in DP generating, but he also provides valuable support to his team. With his talent, Sniper Support, he reduces the DP cost of Sniper Operators and boosts the ATK SPD of deployed Snipers while his Skills are active. His first skill stands out for its remarkable efficiency in DP generation. On the other hand, his second Skill, not only generates DP but also applies debuffs to nearby enemies, slowing their movement speed, DEF, and removing stealth effects.

Despite not being a formidable combatant, Elysium can endure the initial enemy onslaught, ensuring the generation of DP and offering support to the team. Advancing Elysium to E2 enhances his Sniper Support talent, further reducing the DP cost of all Sniper Operators and increasing their ATK SPD.

5 Myrtle

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (6)
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Myrtle is a 4-star operator who specializes in DP generation and Healing as a Standard Bearer Vanguard. Despite her low DP cost, she surpasses even 6-star Operators in efficiency when it comes to generating DP. Her first Skill, is highly efficient at recovering DP, while her second Skill, sacrifices some effectiveness to provide healing to a nearby ally.

With her talent, Myrtle gradually restores the HP of all Vanguards on the map, making her valuable in stages with challenging starting phases or Vanguard-heavy teams. Thanks to her exceptional DP Recovery capabilities, Myrtle shines in demanding content and situations that require swift Deployment. Additionally, at E2, her talent offers passive healing to deployed Vanguards at the start of a map.

4 Zima

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (7)

General Zima, the leader of the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group at Rhodes Island, is a 5-star Pioneer Vanguard. At E2, her talent reduces the DP cost of all other Vanguards on the team. With her second skill, Ursus's Roar, she grants DP and boosts the ATK and DEF of all other Vanguards, amplifying their strength.

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Additionally, it provides extra DP-on-kill and enhances Zima's durability, making her one of the toughest Vanguards, especially when paired with a Medic. Zima shines in supporting her teammates and proves to be a valuable addition when paired with the right team composition. Upon reaching E2 promotion, her talent further reduces the DP cost of all Vanguard Operators, which proves beneficial in challenging situations.

3 Texas

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (8)
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As the Vanguard for Penguin Logistics and one of the best 5-star Operators, Texas specializes in AoE Crowd Control and DP Recovery, wielding her unique skill, Sword Rain. This skill delivers a large AoE stun, deals Arts damage, and grants DP. Texas's Crowd Control abilities provide flexible utility, allowing her to buy time against formidable enemies and prevent agile adversaries from slipping past. Mastering the timing of Sword Rain is crucial, as mistiming its cooldown can have devastating consequences.

Additionally, with her E2 promotion, Texas's talent enhances her capabilities in fast starting Operations by granting 2 DP at the beginning. Despite being a 5-star Operator, Texas's value as a Pioneer Vanguard is exceptional, thanks to her talent and Skill 2. Advanced and Roguelike players can benefit greatly from her Masteries, particularly the extension of her stun duration.

2 Siege

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (9)

As a versatile Vanguard, Siege excels in both DP-Recovery and DPS, capable of blocking 2 enemies. Her first talent boosts the ATK and DEF of other Vanguards, proving valuable in battles involving a lot of them. She possesses two methods of DP generation, her first skill provides gradual Recovery, while her second skill deals powerful AoE damage and instantly grants 3 DP. With its low cost, 3 charges, and synergy with her talent, it is Siege's go-to skill.

Siege's third skill, transforms her into a formidable Guard, boasting a damage buff and stun. Her impressive HP and DEF stats contribute to her durability and tackiness. Once deployed, Siege becomes an invaluable asset, providing substantial DP-Recovery, potent AoE damage, and excellent DEF.

1 Cantabile

Arknights: Best Vanguard Operators (10)

As a 5-star Agent Vanguard, Cantabile possesses ranged attacks and reduced redeployment time. Her specialty lies in gaining DP through active attacks. Her talent boosts her ATK when Blocking enemies and ATK SPD when not Blocking. Her first and second skills offer different ATK buffs and additional bonuses like DP generation and Camouflage.

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Cantabile's attacks are swift and powerful, enabling her to target flying enemies. By continuously engaging foes, she rapidly generates DP. Her versatility and adaptability shine in fast-redeploy roles while steadily accumulating DP.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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Who is the strongest Vanguard in Arknights? ›

Vigna is probably the strongest four-star Vanguard, with Courier being a close second. Plume is a four-star masquerading as a three-star.

Who is the best 4 star defender in Arknights? ›

Cuora is an exceptional four-star Defender and one of the few that can compete with the other six stars. She is a Protector class Defender meaning she specializes in absolute defense, and boy, is she good at it.

What are the best operators to promote in Arknights? ›

If you need any operator to fill a role like Vanguard, Medic, or Sniper and don't have a suitable one that you like, consider using the 3 ★ operators. Some notable ones are listed below. Melantha, Lava, Hibiscus, Kroos, Lancet-2, and Castle-3 are the most notable and will carry you throughout many stages.

What is the fastest DP generation in Arknights? ›

Pioneer, Tactician, Agent and Standard Bearer Vanguards generate DP through their skills, with Standard Bearer having the highest rate.

Who is the rarest operator in Arknights? ›

Along with Vulcan, Indra is the rarest Operator in Arknights since she is only available from recruitment with a low chance of appearing without the rare Senior Operator tag. Indra has the traits of a tiger (Panthera tigris) similar with Broca, Mountain, Swire and Waai Fu.

Is it hard to get a 6 star in Arknights? ›

While the base rate for six-star Operators is set at 2%, you are guaranteed one six-star character every 99 pulls. The rate goes up bit-by-bit starting after your 51st roll until you hit 100% chance at that final pull.

Who are the bad guys in Arknights? ›

Reunion Movement is a faction that served as the main antagonistic faction encountered and fought against in the mobile game Arknights.

What is the most powerful clan in Vanguard? ›

Top 10 Best Clans In Cardfight Vanguard
  1. 1 Gold Paladin. I love this clan, it has a way to deal with a lot of problems and the superior calling makes it easy to keep a steady board state. ...
  2. 2 Shadow Paladin. ...
  3. 3 Link Joker. ...
  4. 4 Royal Paladin. ...
  5. 5 Aqua Force. ...
  6. 6 Narukami. ...
  7. 7 Kagerō ...
  8. 8 Gear Chronicle.

What is the highest level of operators in Vanguard? ›

To get the max level on all your operators or units, our boosters will complete all the challenge or achievement necessary and get level 20 (max) on all the operators you want.

Who is the main character in Vanguard Overdress? ›


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