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With Arknights 3rd anniversary celebration fast approaching and a large variety of celebratory events on their way to the global server this week, one of the most anticipated items in Arknights is making its return this year to help players strengthen their team and their roster - the 5 Stars Operator Selector Ticket. With the selector tickets, players will now be able to pick one of the released 5* operators in the pool available to add to their roster, ensuring that they have a good team for the future to advance in the game and to help them in future contents that are coming up during the 3rd anniversary main side story Event - Ideal City.

In this guide, we will go over the character pool the 5 stars Operators Selector ticket has in store and see what operators are worth players picking up in the form of a tier list of the best operators to pick up using the 5 stars operator selector ticket. Please note that players can only obtain one out of a selection of 54 different 5 stars operators available from the ticket, so players should consider carefully before choosing. This guide will offer players a closer look at which operators are worth choosing solely based on gameplay reasons and evaluate each operator's choice closely.


  • Arknights 5 Stars Operator Selector Ticket Tier List
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Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out which operators are worth choosing together!

Arknights 5 Stars Operator Selector Ticket Tier List

The 5 Stars Operator Selector Ticket for the 3rd anniversary of Arknights contains a total of 54 different operators selections, ranging from the first patch of 5* operators released during the launch of the game all the way to the Passenger banner (aka up to the 5 Stars operator Toddifons) and excludes all limited 5 stars operators and the welfare ones. The select pool of operators is as shown in the following picture:

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The selection consist of all operators of all classes in the game, therefore, if players are lacking in operators of certain classes, they should prioritizes picking operators of that class above all else, otherwise, players should follow the following tier list in order to pick operators that they don’t have in order to strengthen your roster.

Tier 5 - Operators That Are Given For Free

Among the 5 stars operators available to be picked, certain operators are given for free to all players simply by advancing in the story, completing missions or using the new players 5* select ticket, meaning picking these operators are not essential unless players are actively looking to improve their potential, these operators should not be chosen using the 5 stars operator selector ticket.

The Operators in this tier are:

- Texas

- Projekt Red

- Liskarm

- Silence

- Pramanix

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Among these operators, all of them serve different purposes and are extremely powerful and unique in their niche, so having them can greatly strengthen the team’s power, however, due to them being available for free in the game already, they are of the lowest priority in tier 5.

Tier 4 - Low Priority Operators

Operators within this tier is generally hard to use by general players and is extremely niche in their field of expertise, in addition, they requires large amount of investment to become good, therefore, picking them will be on low priority, unless players have already have all the operators of the tier higher then this tier, they should not pick operators of this tier.

These operators are:

- Toddifons

- Executor

- Nightmare

- Leizi

- Tsukinogi

- Beeswax

- Asbestos

- Swire

- Sesa

- Flint

- Mr Nothing

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These operators should not be picked unless players already know how to use them or if they have already had all the other operators of other tiers.

Tier 3 - Operators Worth Choosing

Operators of the 3rd tier are worth choosing as they are general operators that deal decent damage and are good at what they do, their power scales differently depending on the different stages that they are being deployed on. These operators are worth choosing if you are lacking operators of certain skills and utility.

These operators includes:

- Leonhardt

- Ayerscaper

- Platinum

- Mayer

- Sora

- Istina

- Broca

- Reed

- Andreana

- Waai Fu

- Glaucus

- Absinthe

- Manticore

- Cliffheart

- FEater

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Operators within this tier are powerful, however, they require different combinations of different operators to shine in certain stages and require some well-invested teams in the game, making them good in many teams. In addition, they are worth the pick if you are in need of certain operators of different classes to fill different teams and niche for general combat and more.

Tier 2 - Highly Recommended

The operators of this tier are absolutely powerful and are generally extremely powerful to have in any rosters and are worth the effort to invest in them, making them good to pick for the selector if players are lacking them in their roster, in addition, additional potentials are also worth getting for these operators.

The operators of this tier include:

- Lappland

- Ptilopsis

- Warfarin

- Skyfire

- Provence

- Blue Poison

- Skyfire

- Meteorite

- Specter

- Astesia

- Croissant

- Greythroat

- Nearl

- Chiave

- Hung

- Aosta

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Operators in this tier are generally powerful on their own and fulfill different niches on their own without any support from other operators, however, with the help of other operators, they will be extremely powerful and might even reach the DPS potential of 6 stars operators of the same type. They are extremely powerful assets that should be invested in and can be used in most teams to clear most stages in the game.

Tier 1 - Top Tier Operators That You Need to Have

Operators in this tier are absolute powerhouses and are essential to all players’ roster and are extremely powerful. These operators can help strengthen the power of other operators in the squad and help completely reduce stage difficulties and make it easier for all players to clear event and battle stages in general.

The operators within this tier includes:

- Elysium: a 5* Flag Bearer Vanguard operator that helps to give the entire squad a head start boost in terms of DP, making it easier for players to deploy all the essential operators as soon as possible on the field to help with the stage. In addition, Elysium’s talent helps him improve the power of Sniper operators, helping to improve their damage in general. Elysium skill also helps debuffs all enemies within his range and helps improve the team’s DPS output.

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- Shamare: a 5* Hexer archetype Supporter that specializes in debuffing enemies and improving the physical damage output of ranged operators, Shamare not only helps decrease the defense of enemies in her range but also slow them and help improve the damage output of different operators greatly. An investment in her will prove useful as she will help with all manner of stages.

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LDPlayer 9.0 - The Perfect Engine to Experience Arknights

Recently introduced, LDPlayer 9.0 not only allows players to easily download and play Arknights on PC, it is also designed and specialized so that players can have the best experience playing Arknights on the highest FPS and highest graphics.

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Furthermore, with LDPlayer’s keyboard-mapping function, players can clear Arknights stages more effectively using only keyboard buttons, allowing players to be able to do the most famous Arknights trick - the Pause deployment trick, making the stages faster and easier to play and clear than when playing on mobile.

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